Hey, I'm Sidd

Portrait, BTS & Lifestyle PHOTOGRAPHER

I am an African-American Portrait, BTS, and Lifestyle photographer. With the extra time during the pandemic, I was able to perfect my craft and turn my hobby into a career. I'm passionate about capturing beautiful moments and creating lasting memories for my clients.

Timeless Style

My style is centered around capturing candid moments that truly reflect the personality and emotion of those in the photo. I believe that candid shots are most authentic and meaningful way to tell a story. My goal is to put the viewer in the moment, even if they weren't there. In terms of editing, I prefer a clean and sharp look that enhances the natural beauty of the photo without being overbearing or artificial.

A Decade of Experience

I started out in the music industry and eventually found my way into photography. Initially I picked up a camera to film my own music videos, but I quickly discovered a passion for capturing still images as well. Through my experience directing music videos, I gained valuable skills in storytelling and composition. While I've found my niche in still images, I still enjoy creating videos and continue to do so whenever the opportunity arises.